About our company _ Seoul AK

Glasses in USA! It is TOO expensive right?

Have you got the glasses while living in the USA?

Not just in USA but in any foreign countries, you would not be able to afford prices of glasses Most of people are not happy with designs of frames, prices, and sometimes not fitted to your face.

Why are the lenses so expensive? When adding few little options, Prices go up by $100~200. Anyways, You will be surprised with our prices of glasses!

Online, SeoulAK has been born like this. Korean Glasses which fit perfectly into Korean people’s faces! They are here in SeoulAK Differentiations with other online glasses website (in USA & China)

1. Only for Koreans..Products perfectly fit into Koreans Most of glasses are for Americans which would be too heavy to wear, Glasses easily fall Those Glasses make your vision better But hard to keep wearing Basically, SeoulAK provides only glasses which fits on most of Koreans’ faces.

Low prices do not mean they are cheap, fake glasses. All our glasses are not cheap glasses like in China, but they are all products from Korea If you get your glasses here in SeoulAK, you will automatically be realized that These glasses are high quality products.

2. 1 on 1 quote with Expert’s KakaoTalk(or by Mail & Phone call) You will be hesitated with only looking at pictures on our website. You love the design of glasses but you wouldn’t know if glasses are too big or small. Will it fit into me?

Will it look good on me?

Anyways, You will have trouble selecting glasses, but DO NOT WORRY In the middle of your selection,

SeoulAK will take part and help your selection Designs, and in Many ways(shape of faces, eye vision, practicality, and etc.,), we discuss and recommend which glasses would fit perfect for you.

Because you can’t see and put glasses, we try hard to find you best glasses for you with many ways.

We even explain you like You and I are next to each other talking.

3. SeoulAK only provides glasses which you can wear right away when you get it in mail.

It is Done when you wear the glasses right away when you get it.
You do not need to worry about re-adjust it because We do optional fitting for your glasses to make it fit perfect for your face.

※ SeoulAk는 해외 온라인 판매만을 하고 있습니다. 한국내 판매및 배송은 해 드리지 않고 있습니다. 이 점 양해 바랍니다.